Things to do!

Fill your stay with fun places to see and experience during your stay at the Cocoa Cottage Bed and Breakfast.

  • 27th Annual MSU Chocolate Party inspired by Minions!

    MSU Chocolate Party Feb 28, 2016!

    Minions at a Chocolate Party? We’ll be at the Chocolate Party, will you? Do you know the movie Minions? Just imagine Stewart, Bob and Kevin let loose to save the last remaining chocolate factory! (I see a movie script in […]

  • Romantic Winter Getaway Dine & Glide!

    Romantic Winter Getaway Dine & Glide!

    Dine and Glide at the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex! We’ve got just the answer to spice up your romantic winter getaway weekend! Tired of doing the same ol’ thing every time you and your loved one go out? Or, are […]

  • Lake Michigan lighthouse at South Pierhead in Muskegon.

    Lake Michigan Lighthouse

    Lake Michigan Lighthouse opening for public tours. Muskegon’s South Pierhead Lighthouse to open Memorial Day weekend 2015. Lake Michigan Lighthouses help put the “Great” in the Michigan Great Lakes. The rich history of Lake Michigan Lighthouses continues to grow with […]