As our name suggests, we love Chocolate! It’s one of the major food groups right?

It all started years ago when Lisa developed her Mama Tallarico’s Hot Fudge to give as Christmas gifts to family and friends. Well, one thing led to another and the next thing she knew she had an order for 300 jars! Now guests enjoy it daily with fresh strawberries and homemade chocolate zucchini bread. Order yours now by calling us at (231) 893-0674. Online ordering coming soon!

During the 10 years we invested lovingly restoring our Arts and Crafts bungalow, we had many late-night conversations about what to call our inn and what kind of theme could we live with. One night while pulling hundreds of nails out of the upstairs floors, inspiration struck. Lisa’s Mom had always referred to our home as “The Cottage”. We would giggle because you could put our actual home inside “the cottage” 3 1/2 times! Combine Mom with chocolate and viola, Larry said, “how about the Cocoa Cottage”? Chocolate is our muse.

We studied chocolate. We took chocolate classes. We melted, baked, and tempered chocolate. We have become chocolate experts, and loved every minute of it! Our friends and family reaped the benefits of our recipe testing over the years, as now do our guests.

Chocolate 101

We decided it would be fun to share our passion, so we developed an afternoon of “Chocolate Enlightenment” for the true lover of all things chocolate!

Learn about the history, lore, and legends of chocolate. From there, study the chocolate process from bean to confection. Once your brain is full, we will fill your tummy with a chocolate tasting. Similar to a wine tasting, 10-15 different chocolates from milk to very dark, sweet to strong, expensive to inexpensive are sampled, compared, discussed and enjoyed. Complete with handouts, recipes, and a quiz. You can’t have a class without a test, can you? Then you will be treated to one of Larry’s exquisite chocolate desserts. Chocolate will never be the same!

Chocolate 101 can be designed for groups of 6 or more and includes the afternoon described above, 2 nights lodging/double occupancy, lodging taxes, a wine cheese and chocolate reception upon check-in, our award winning, full hearty gourmet breakfast(s), dinner at the Cocoa Cottage Bed and Breakfast and turn down with chocolates and port. Seasonal pricing. Call 231-893-0674 for details.