"No Boys Allowed (This MEANS YOU-MIKE!)" Sign hanging from guest room room door.

No Boys Allowed!

Chocolate, Chick Flicks, Massages! Gather your girl friends for a weekend to call your own. Enjoy the Cocoa Cottage’s library of videos and DVD’s from “Chocolat” to “Thelma and Louise”,

Collection of supplies for Chocolate 101 Class to learn history, legends and recipes about Chocolate!

Chocolate 101

Calling all chocolate lovers! Enjoy an afternoon of Chocolate enlightenment!  Learn about the history, lore, and legends of chocolate and study the chocolate process from bean to confection! Once your

Background of a large swirl of chocolate with "Death by Chocolate" written in chalkboard font to promote the Murder Mystery "Death by Chocolate" Package.

Death by Chocolate

“I tried a dessert called Death by Chocolate, but it only made me stronger”, the murder cried. Murder in the chocolate factory could only be solved at the Cocoa Cottage