Chocolate 101

Calling all chocolate lovers! Enjoy an afternoon of Chocolate enlightenment!  Learn about the history, lore, and legends of chocolate and study the chocolate process from bean to confection! Once your brain is full, we will fill your tummy with a chocolate tasting. Very similar to a wine tasting, several different chocolates from milk to very dark are sampled, compared, discussed and enjoyed! Complete with handouts, recipes, and a quiz! Then you will be treated to one of Larry’s exquisite chocolate desserts. Chocolate will never be the same!

Covid-19 Update:

  • Currently, our Chocolate 101 Classes are suspended.

Chocolate 101

  • Designed for groups of 6-8 people, or
  • Innkeeper selected weekends.
  • 4 Room, Full House Booking Policy
  • $400-600.00 Per Person
  • Depending on Size of Group

Call Lisa at 231-893-0674 to book this very special package! Chocolate 101 is designed for a 2-night stay. All packages are subject to availability. Credit card payment for 50% of lodging and full package amount is due at time of booking and is non-refundable.