Personal Serenity Retreat

A very special offer because it was created especially for individuals (this means one person by him/herself) seeking a personal retreat get-away. Time just for you to relax, walk on the beach, read, and meditate. Time for you t do whatever feeds your soul because you know that you are ready to spend some time getting in touch with yourself, again. Esoteric Healing is performed by a certified Esoteric Healing Practitioner in the privacy of your room at the Cocoa Cottage. Your massage  is right next door in a lovely massage and healing studio. Advance notice required for scheduling of healing and massage sessions.

Personal Serenity Retreat

  • 1-50 Minute Esoteric Healing
  • 1-50 Minute Massage
  • Dinner Certificate to the restaurant of your choice
  • Book Nook and Java Shop Savings Coupons
  • $205.00 + Room Costs
  • Available Year Round

We designed our  Personal Serenity Retreat is designed for a 2-night stay and priced for 1 person. All packages are subject to room availability. Credit card payment for full package amount is due at time of booking and is non-refundable.

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